23 March 2017

What Type of Investor Are You? Active, Passive or DIY Investing?

What Type of Investor Are You? Active, Passive or DIY Investing?

Leveraged ETFs - only if you can handle high Risk

SEC May Regret the Day It Allowed Leveraged ETFs

21 March 2017

Warning: The US Stock Market Is An Anomaly

Warning: The US Stock Market Is An Anomaly

17 March 2017

S&P 500: World's most popular Momentum Strategy

"Indices are man-made and prone to all the same issues that anything man-made would be. The committee makes decisions about composition all the time. They add stocks at major tops and remove them at major bottoms. Framed this way, the S&P 500 can be described as “the world’s most popular momentum strategy.

Saving the Mutual Fund Industry

16 March 2017

IPO: Canada Goose exploded on its first day of trading

With a broken IPO system the sky is the limit! Would anyone really 'invest' at such valuations if they had to keep the shares for three years?
Canada Goose exploded on its first day of trading (GOOS)

Factor Investing: Just another Fad?

No one should be surprised about that statement! While 'Factor Investing' gets a lot of attention recently it is basically old wine in new bottles. And timing is the biggest challenge in all investing decisions!
Cliff Asness: Factor Timing is Hard

15 March 2017

No one has voted for this: Intl Exchange of Tax Information

Quite apart from the fact that there are simpler ways to increase tax revenues the international agreement violates basic rules of a proper democracy. The agreement is negotiated several steps removed from what ordinary citizens care about, or what they want. Anonymous bureaucrats deal over the head of citizens in backroom fashion. A withholding tax would have been simple to introduce and administer and the privacy of savers would have been preserved.
The hypocrisy surrounding this form of legislation is evident when just recently the Italian government announced that the Super rich would be offered tax-haven status in Italy. A billionaire would be able to pay just €100.000 (!!) per year in full settlement of his tax obligations! And an (in)famous Italian, Signore Draghi does his best to confiscate the incomes of hundreds of millions of hard-working and honest citizens in order to bail out his profligate fellow-citizens.

Tax Striptease - Your Freedom is eroded once more

Notwithstanding the fact that Swiss Bank Secrecy saved many a life among those persecuted during the Third Reich the Kleptocrats ruling in our Pseudo Democracies are hell-bent on achieving total control of the lives of their citizens. One day a government will blackmail citizens to hand over all assets held outside its jurisdiction - the 'Land of the Free' is already close to a totalitarian tax dictatorship and others will follow as long as the march to ever-increasing government spending and waste continues unabated.
Ausländer müssen UBS intime Steuerdaten geben

Bitcoin Hype: is it Digital Gold? Caveat Emptor!

Bitcoins compared to Gold? While Gold may not be the ultimate store of value (problems with fake gold, confiscation, safekeeping) it is still better than some digits in unknown/unsecure computers that can wiped by savy hackers or the friendly government. Remember Tulipmania in the 1600s!
Digital Gold - For Now Caveat Emptor

12 March 2017

Traders are paying 'extortionate fees' to short Snapchat (SNAP)

Even more amazing that irresponsible Index providers want to herd unsuspecting investors into unproven bubble stocks. It shows that 'passive' investing slavishly hugging indices is no panacea!
Traders are paying 'extortionate fees' to short Snapchat (SNAP)