10 September 2017

Gold and Silver - how to store safely?

Despite the obvious pitfalls even the 'most powerful bank' in the world keeps repeating the mantra that physical gold is the asset of last resort. But who can guarantee that the bank or safe storage vauld will give you access to your hord in the hour of crisis?

If you think that Precious Metals or Stones will protect your Wealth you have to be careful. And first of all make sure you don't get sold fake gold or silver!
How To Store Silver Bars & Coins At Home – Mike Maloney

1 September 2017

'Private' Equity's 'Dry Powder' costs you dear

Sitting on $963 billion means huge fees for the Promoters. They get paid in many cases even if they are slow in finding suitable investments. And they have every incentive to put this money to work, whatever the terms, as they are paid on the basis of 'we take (part of) the profits and you investor can keep the losses'. A veritable money-printing machine, built on the basis of leverage and an ever-rising stock market boosted by QE. And no one in the corporate governance and political crowd seems to take notice despite the rising discontent about executive excess in the public markets.

22 August 2017

Bitcoin Hype - Regulators asleep or afraid?

Given the thousands of pages of detailed regulation that has been produced in all major industrial countries one has to wonder why the Regulators are keeping stumm about the Bitcoin craze. Claims that Digital 'Currencies' are clearly misleading. Neither are they a safe haven, they are digital assets and given the way they are offered and promoted they are investments and as such should be brought under regulatory umbrellas.
The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is slipping but Bitcoin Cash is rising

15 August 2017

Bitcoin hype - stop calling it a 'Currency'

Temple Associates: Bitcoin hype - stop calling it a 'Currency'

9 August 2017

Russia Launches $100 Million Bitcoin-Mining Operation

I may be too old, or just plain stupid, but can ANYONE really make a rational case for Bitcoin, or is it just the chain letter re-invented for the Internet Age and the 'Social' media crowd hosted by quasi-monopolistic neo-feudal lords?
Russia Launches $100 Million Bitcoin-Mining Operation

7 August 2017

Meaningless League Tables and Awards

When selecting a provider of asset management or private bank you should disregard League Tables or Awards. They are meaningless as they disregard the most important factor - past performance and the risk data that is a critical part of it. Naturally security of assets should be another factor that is essential when making your choice. Choose a neutral adviser who has no financial interest in your decision to assist you.

6 August 2017

'Private' Equity Performance data - how reliable?

Apart from the fact that the promoters control when and what is happening with the portfolio there is the overriding question of comparing apples (listed equity indices, based on actual real-time transactions) and oranges (prices determined in an opaque fashion, high leverage key to investment rationale).
So triumphant messages such as this one can only be considered public relations unless the data is made public (not just sold to subscribers) and the methods properly disclosed. After all, the real end investor has a right to be fully informed about what his fiduciaries are up to with his hard-earned savings!

28 July 2017

Robo-Advisers lose their innocence

Human nature does not change - despite all the talk about Robo-Advisers. The computers may be programmed so that they do not select the best possible investments for you!

23 July 2017

Blue Apron's VC backers have made gobs of money — while regular investors have taken a bath (APRN)

Ordinary Investors - lambs led to the slaughter by insiders, market professionals and intermediaries. All the world's regulation is useless! Leave IPO's to the Pros
Blue Apron's VC backers have made gobs of money — while regular investors have taken a bath (APRN)

14 July 2017

The REAL problem with ETFs

As it is so easy to buy/sell the ETF, and in effect the market, and so much money is controlled/advised by 'professional' advisers (even more subject to herd instinct) the moment the markets turn, or a light downtrend accelerates, will be when ETF investors rush to the exits - and the door will be awfully narrow.
No bubble in ETFs?